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Redefine Commercial Lending Standards.

Manage commercial lending workflows effortlessly.


Streamline decisions and communication between applicants, brokers, and lenders.

Integrate Data Seamlessly.

Score Applicants Accurately.

Make Decisions Faster.

Protect Your Data.

Advanced Data Integration
Sophisticated Scoring
Automated Decisioning

Services We Provide

Gain a complete, real-time view of all applicant information.

Automatically aggregate, analyze, and relay data from documents, external sources, and internal databases.

Advanced Data Integration

Assess risk in a dynamic, comprehensive, and nuanced way. Advanced machine learning considers a wide array of factors, while adapting to ever changing market conditions.

Sophisticated Scoring

Increase your capacity to process a higher volume of applications. Quickly evaluate applicants against predefined criteria and lending policies.

Automated Decisioning

Safeguard data integrity and safety amongst all stakeholders. Leverage secure data storage, advanced encryption, and robust access controls to protect all sensitive information.



What is Unisyn?


Simplify Your Lending Process.

Book your demo or join our waitlist today to step into a world where lending is faster, safer, and more intuitive than ever before.


Experience the Evolution of Lending.

We are streamlining commercial lending to be faster, more secure, and cost effective.


Unisyn is a dedicated commercial lending software solution, designed to streamline the lending process.


Combining advanced data analytics, sophisticated scoring, and automated decision-making, we revolutionize how commercial loans are managed and processed. 

Strength that speaks for itself


Faster loan cycles with automated processing, reducing manual tasks and accelerating decision times.


Informed lending decisions with an AI-driven scoring system that analyzes comprehensive data sets for precision in risk assessment.


Safeguard all data transactions, maintaining confidentiality and compliance with global standards.


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